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We always did PE in white vest and white shorts, our standard PE uniform, but we always had to take everything off for showers afterwards under the supervision of our PE teacher.

Did anyone here find it embarrassing being naked in front of other boys and teachers?

He was a total nutter, responsible for putting many of his students off Sport for life. I left school this year and compared to everyone here my experience couldn't have been more different.

PE was always done in shorts and a t shirt and trainers.

They would see real fighting and ran the risk of injury or even death so the teachers thought they needed to be toughened up. Decades ago the law permitted teachers to dish out punishments no Prisoner would receive under law!

I now realise one of my PE teachers was probably suffering from undiagnosed PTSD from the War years previous.

I guess I should be grateful for the faculties and regulations we have today! Parents could not afford to buy new ones very often.

I think it was due to not being on the uniform list which stipulated a white PE vest.

Despite bringing an ordinary vest for the next lesson the lad was kept in the skins team for the whole term. I only had a vest on literally a handful of times during all my years at school.

Then when I was 14 it all changed, we were put into sets instead of classes for PE, which meant larger groups of boys and vests against skins teams.

I remember feeling so awkward and uncomfortable the first time I was told to take my vest off, like you I wasn't used to that.

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This changed when we went to the Upper School (grammar). You have to remember that in the 1950s and 1960s many of the teachers had served in World War 2 or had done National Service in places such as Korea Cyprus and various outposts of colonialism and were toughened up by this experience.

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