Armory not updating 4 2

Defaults to wow-armory-character-display Your profile once the template has been processed.It may be quicker to alter the display at runtime rather than duplicate the template when making only minor Allows you to specify an alternate stylesheet.This is the replacement for the tickbox provided in the administration screen.The plugin will cache the characters it retrieves from the community API for 12 hours.This ensures that your website will make no more then 2 requests per character in any 24 hour period.

The development version, as well as all the tagged releases of this project, are hosted on and merely pushed to the Word Press plugin repository for distribution purposes.For an example of the plugin configured to show all the available information check out the screenshots tab.The plugin is fully setup to use the excellent internationalisation features of wordpress.However, since I sadly do not speak any of the languages I’d like to support (those used by World of Warcraft itself) I am not able to provide the translations I need.If you are interested in providing any translations for this project please contact me.

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