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Even infants can learn to self-soothe by sucking their thumbs, chewing on a blanket, holding a toy and reaching for their bottle or pacifier.

Unfortunately, not all parents are “good enough.” Some parents shame their children or become angry/frustrated/impatient with them for expressing wants and needs.

In an interdependent relationship, all participants are emotionally, economically, ecologically and/or morally self-reliant while at the same time responsible to each other.

The telltale sign of hostile dependency is the anger it generates, in both the dependent person and the person depended upon.

Most ex-husbands are incredibly angry and resentful about having to financially support their ex-wives—grown adults who either refuse to support themselves or who erroneously believe they’re entitled to a better lifestyle than they can generate on their own.

Furthermore, you must not expect her to reciprocate. The lid off the id-enfant terrible can sometimes be cute—” parenting that created this overgrown child.

Childhood Development During adolescence, parents help teens individuate into autonomous, responsible adults.

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In more extreme cases, these issues are manifested in personality disorders and other emotional disturbances.

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