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The trademarks of a Stiffel lamp were superb craftsmanship, attention to detail and stunning finishes.

The lamps were sold in department stores and specialty shops. In 1932, Chicago artist and designer Ted Stiffel founded the Stiffel Lamp Company producing his unique pewter, brass and bronze lamps as well as a few stained glass designs.

The Stiffel Lamp company went out of business in 2000, making it very difficult to find new lamps. acquired the Stiffel trade rights and intellectual property in August 2000 for its Home Decor Group and was to resume production in the fall of that year, but never did. in Batavia, Illinois purchased approximately 300 Stiffel lamps directly from the Stiffel factory when the Chicago plant closed.

The lamps were previously on display in the Stiffel dealership showrooms and according to the website are in excellent condition. also purchased what they call, "unique lamps that came from their design department." The website gallery of Stiffel lamps is incomplete with only a few lamps inventoried.

This lamp featured a long vertical pole with rotating lamp fixtures along its length.

Sears, Roebuck and Company marketed copies of the lamp and in response, The Stiffel Lamp Company sued for patent infringement, but lost the lawsuit.

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