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A place I used to work had BOM information linked to blocks of components like fittings and relays.That is, if you brought a block into the drawing it automatically updated the BOM. I picked out the component blocks I wanted as I made the drawing.To make things simpler, you can download the block here.Typically all the drawing title blocks in a project share much of the same information.TEXT SETTINGSI don't get too carried away with the text font and height until the attribute is in place in the block.

The line (command) acts like 'escape' to end the insert so no picking points & scale but the block replacement should occur.These are just a sample of the many customized services we provide.This option is available starting with Media Wiki 1.26.Drawing Settings can be pushed to each individual drawing's title block.Now that you know what can be pushed lets see it in action. Attributes, a mapping, and project description labels.

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Here are a few tips and rules of thumb for attributes. They store information yet that info is not visible on the drawing. It is entered on each symbol but never shows on the drawing. selecting one of the grips allows the attribute to be moved independent of the symbol. This isn't necessary for the Automatic Title Block update.

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