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The signatories stated that the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act (PCEPA) will produce the same safety risks as the previous statutes invalidated by the Supreme Court of Canada in 2013.

The law was introduced by the Conservative government of Prime Minister Harper through Bill C-36, which criminalized for the first time in Canada the purchase of sexual services.“The PCEPA prevents safety enhancing measures in the same manner as the laws that the Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional,” the signatories stated in the letter.

It was also clear that the pro-immigration group vastly outnumbered the anti-immigration rally. There was one man in the crowd holding a sign that said “Canada, stop illegal border crossings.” But many more were holding signs with messages like “love not hate” and “no platform for racists.” Some chanted, “No hate, no fear, Nazis are not welcome here.” It’s not clear whether the organizers of the rally, including the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam Canada’s Joey De Luca or the Cultural Action Party’s Brad Salzberg, even showed up.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed his support in a tweet after the rally ended. A group called Stand up to Racism Metro Vancouver organized the opposition to the event.

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